Oyster Mushroom Tostada

I don’t always have full recipes to post because so many of my meals are made by my husband! However, I still like to give everyone inspiration to create your own fabulous dishes.

We quite frequently have tostadas for dinner as they are easy to prep, fun to build, and so delicious. Most large grocery chains now carry tostadas in the International Food sections, and you can even get a pretty decent can of re-fried black beans there as well (add some onion powder, cumin, and oregano for flavor boost). Whatever else you want to add to build your tostadas is up to you! That’s the fun part! My husband maintains that the absolute best are made with just tomatoes, salt, and maybe some mexican crema. I think every one I put in my mouth is the best. So think about some chopped cabbage, tomato, corn, radishes, tofu cooked with spices, mushrooms, etc. Get creative!

Last night my husband cooked my oyster mushrooms with poblano peppers, asparagus, tomato, onion, garlic, and some herbs and spices (He doesn’t give up his recipes very easily). But the real star was oyster mushroom. They are slightly dense and a bit chewy in a really good way. They are mild and take on any flavors you add to them. So that was my dinner on a tostada and some black beans, of course. Make a lot because the leftovers are even better!

Send me photos of your tostada creations! And let me know of other ways you use oyster mushrooms!

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