Fermented Foods Are Important in Every Way

AD40E92C-E677-4357-8634-3A67BF30EE9DWe haven’t been to the grocery or market in awhile, and I have very few fresh vegetables in the house. We also do not live close to a grocery and can’t just ‘run out’ to get specific items. Thankfully, I always have a lot of fermented veggies around. It’s a rabbit hole of a hobby, but is actually pretty beneficial!

I wanted vegetables to go with our pizza, and the Family Dollar across the street provides a limited source of canned and frozen veggies. For this ‘salad’ I combined canned corn, frozen mixed vegetables, kidney beans, the one cucumber I had in the house, and a TON of pink kraut. The acidic kraut brine meant I just needed to add salt and pepper to this dish, and it turned into something really tasty! (Also goes really well on TOP of the pizza🤤) Have fun with your food, and always stay creative!

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