Boozy Peaches (Easy Fruit Fermentation)

Yeast or Sugar ferments are an easy way to use up the sweet, juicy, abundant fruit of the warmer months! It’s a simple process and requires very little equipment!

Pretty much any fruit can be used. If your fruit is very ripe and sweet, you will need less sugar. If you are doing an under ripe fruit, more sugar! The sugar is the preservative in this ferment. Yeasts will feed on the sugars and convert them to alcohol and over time, vinegar.

I decided to use a bunch of overripe peaches I found at a local farm stand. After rinsing and removing the pits, I smashed them into a jar. I wasn’t worried about keeping the shape, but you can gently place them in a jar if you to ferment them that way.

Add enough sugar to coat all of the fruit. The amount will vary depending on the amount of fruit that you use! Once the sugars are dissolved, it will have the sweetness close to that of jelly.

Close the jar and place in a shady spot in your home. Shake or stir the contents 2-3 times a day to keep the fruit coated in the sugar. The gasses will start to build as the yeast consumes the sugar and ‘farts’ 🙂 It will be very active for a few days, and you will notice the flavor start to change and become a bit more tangy. Leave the jar as long as you like, and enjoy it when the flavor seems right to you! You can also let it go for a very long time and end up with a fruit alcohol and eventually, a vinegar! Once your ferment has reached the desired flavor, place in the fridge for storage and to slow or halt the fermentation process.

I love to use this ferment in cocktails, on desserts, on ice cream, or just straight out of the jar!

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