About Me

The Fermented Vegan was created to educate, connect, and inspire. We, as humans, are connected to each other, to the planet, to the animals, and to the Universe, and we get to make small changes in our daily lives that have HUGE impacts on everything around us. Things like fermenting foods and incorporating more plants into our diet are just a few of the small changes we can make! I have been fermenting anything and everything for almost 10 years and love to share and teach about it all! Fermented foods are a key part of my own family’s diet as they promote a healthy gut balance, boost the immune system, detox our system, and are so fun to make and eat. When I started transitioning to a plant-based diet in 2017, I realized fermented foods play a key role in providing nutrients that I may otherwise miss out on. It makes sense, ancient cultures were fermenting foods before they even knew how to cook with fire! We have so much to learn and appreciate in this life, and it is my pleasure to educate, support and inspire people on their own, exciting journey!

Fermenting things, saving animals, exploring cultural history, bringing awareness, connecting souls, empowering humans, honoring our Mother Earth.